Services include, but are not limited to:

  • Accounts Preparation

  • Budgeting & Cashflow Projections

  • Self Assessment Returns

  • Financial Consulting

  • Growth Strategies and downsizing

  • Mentoring and Coaching

My skills include membership of many internationally recognised professional bodies and over 20 years of senior positions within companies.

As we approach 2018 and Brexit looming, there's no better time than now to think about any changes you'd like to make to improve your life, both business and personal. Making changes that really work is about understanding what's right for you and connecting to your personal values and your natural strengths to make things happen.

Being part of your team or your mentor, I can help you do that. For over two decades, I've worked with many people helping them to find happiness and fulfilment in many different parts of their lives - career, relationships, business - or just learning to feel good about themselves.

So what do you want ? Would you like to feel more confident, more clear, more creative ? Are you thinking about changing careers, finding a relationship, or just breaking some old habits ? Do you feel stuck in a rut ? Or do you know what you'd like to change in your life but aren't sure where to start ?

Either way, I can help you become a powerful leader of your life ... able to take decisions, create change and enjoy happiness. A few sessions with an experienced  coach can change your life for good, forever.


How does coaching work?

I work with you to help you understand yourself, as well as how you can change in order to make a difference in your life. We all have within us everything we need to be powerful, creative managers of our lives. But often we limit ourselves by the way we think and act - yet we don't realise we're doing it.

Through coaching, we get to see and understand these patterns - and this new awareness makes it easy to let go of what's no longer working. A coach can help to shine a light into these dark corners and help you see new possibilities for yourself and your life.
The process of life coaching is both light and deep, enjoyable and moving. Above all, it is transforming.

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